Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing

Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) is a complete billing and customer care application for utilities serving residential, commercial and industrial customers. It is designed to cater for utilities that may have a few thousand customers to those that have many millions of customers.

Oracle Utilities CC&B handles every aspect of the customer lifecycle – from service connection, meter reading, rating, billing, payments processing, collections to field work. It incorporates customer relationship features such as comprehensive contact center capability, order entry, conservation program management, contract management and affinity programs. It also supports the management of new products and services that a utility may wish to market and sell to all or a defined segment of their customer base.

In addition, Oracle Utilities CC&B includes a portal that provides a 360 degree view of the customer. This provides a firm foundation for the contact center as it displays a variety of customer / account information of most concern to customer service staff. The portal improves productivity by providing access to commonly needed information and thus reduces clicks and needless navigation to view customer / account details.

Some of the key benefits are:

  • Cut Costs While Improving Customer Service
  • Supporting Multi-Channel Communications
  • Enabling Flexible Business Processes
  • Optimize Cash Flow
  • Oracle Utilities CC&B also allows utilities to
    • o Ensure bill accuracy by automatically identifying and resolving issues before sending out billing statements
    • o Tailor bill formats according to customer preferences
    • o Let customers choose the end date for their billing cycles
    • o Send consolidated bills to a central corporate office and individual bills to service outlets
    • o Help customers better understand their bills, by providing graphs that show how consumption varies over the course of the billing cycle
    • o Offer a choice of bill and payment methods, including e-mail, internet, direct debit, and postal service
    • o Lower debt collection costs
  • Automate Field Service Tasks
    • o Automating service order initiation

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