Hardware Sizing and Architecture

  • Managing the technology portfolio means applying standards to restrict proliferation of technologies while being flexible enough to support new ones as needed. Achieving this requires transparency across the technology portfolio, and the ability to answer questions such as: 'What technologies do I have and which applications depend on them?'.

    Current technologies will become obsolete even faster, sometime even during the development cycle of complex products/systems itself. We help in identifying & prioritizing the key architecture concerns. Define the set of strategies, Implementation Plan and define the maturing model for evolution.

    The technology advances of the past decade have enabled companies to compete on a global scale and connect more effectively than ever with customers, partners, and business prospects. The advances continue, but to capitalize on them, companies must have flexible and agile business architecture.

    More than ever, businesses rely on their IT infrastructure to improve capabilities and automate processes. Given rapidly changing market and economic conditions, IT infrastructure must provide flexibility that supports business agility – and it must do so cost effectively.

    At GTS, we believe there are five imperatives for IT organizations in these exciting but challenging times:

    • Deliver more value at greater speed and lower cost
    • Support anytime, anywhere computing on any device
    • Sustain effective collaboration within a distributed workforce
    • Make systems available at all times to accommodate global markets
    • Capitalize on "big data" to fuel product and service innovations
    GTS has been deeply involved in the development of technical architectures, installer and platform optimization. Leveraging this experience, GTS has become one of the few entities in Performance Tuning, Hardware Sizing and Architecture Design. GTS has been helping their customers to achieve the levels of performance and scalability required to run their businesses efficiently.

    As your transactional volumes ramp up and additional business units come online, many customers face performance and scalability issues stemming from poor hardware sizing, lack of application tuning, and configuration decisions. Utilizing our experience, we’re able to take a holistic view of the existing infrastructure, including hardware, network infrastructure, OS / platform choice, DB optimization, JVM tuning, application thread tuning, scalability and functional configuration. Each of these play critical roles in the performance of IT Infrastructure, and performance issues can become virtually impossible to resolve without taking each into account, and knowing how each feature integrates with each of the others.

    GTS Consulting offers a range of business-aligned, architecture-directed consulting services that can modernize your IT infrastructure, create flexibility, and support business growth. By considering issues of continuity, availability, reliability, interoperability, and resource management, we can help you enhance your business capabilities while reducing your total cost of investments.

    Our experienced consultants can help you make business architecture improvements now, while thinking ahead to capitalize on future tools and technologies that will ensure your success as a 21st Century business enterprise. Amongst the several services provided by GTS, a few are outlined below for reference in terms of the IT Infrastructure services that one could expect:

    • Hardware Sizing & Capacity Planning
    • Installation, Support & Performance Tuning
    • Domain Architecture and Network Design
    • Network and Security Architecture
    • System, Network & Infrastructure Administration

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