Database Administration

    GTS technology team acquired unique set of skills in Data Base Administration throughout the years of experience in installing, maintaining and administrating Applications and Data bases focusing on Oracle DB products.

    GTS provides different Data Base administration services such as but not limited to the following:

    General tasks
    Installation, configuration, upgrade, and migration of Data Bases.

    Backup and Recovery
    Developing, implementing, and periodically testing a backup and recovery plan for the databases.

    Database Security
    The three basic security tasks are authentication (setting up user accounts to control logins to the database), authorization (setting permissions on various parts of the database), and auditing (tracking who did what with the database).

    Storage and Capacity Planning
    Planning disk storage and monitoring available disk in addition to watching growth trends are important on long-term capacity plans and management.

    Performance Monitoring and Tuning
    Monitoring the database server on a regular basis to identify bottlenecks, tuning a database server on multiple levels, and analyzing the way queries against the database are coded.

    Quick Analysis and resolution of DB issues and problems without losing data or making the situation worse.

    High Availability
    Utilizing and using techniques such as Real Application Cluster (RAC), content switch load balancer, Parallel Concurrent processing (PCP), online backups, clustering, replication, and standby databases are all tools GTS DBA can use to ensure higher availability.

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