P2 Energy Solutions is the largest independent technology company providing solutions to the energy industry.

    P2 provides a comprehensive range of financial and accounting management software, geospatial data, land asset management tools, well lifecycle management solutions and outsourcing services to both the upstream and mid-stream oil and gas sectors as well as the alternative energy sector.

    More than 1,200 global energy companies use P2 products and services daily to improve decision-making, gain clarity into complex workflow scenarios, and optimize upstream efficiency. The broad and flexible capabilities of P2 allow our clients to work with one technology provider to streamline operations and lower their total cost of ownership.

    Operating from its headquarters in Denver, Colorado, P2 also has offices in Houston, Texas; Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Fort Worth, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; Livingston, New Jersey; Tampa, Florida; Dubai, UAE; and Tunis, Tunisia.

    GTS Partnered with P2 to offer Industry specific solutions for Oil & Gas industry customers in the Middle East. GTS & P2 have successfully completed Oracle E.Business integrated with P2 applications for Up-stream and Midstream Oil & Gas companies.

    Products offering through our partnership:

    P2 Energy Solutions' Financial Management software and solutions streamlines your back office oil and gas accounting processes and centralizes your data for global access. The Financial Management solutions provide for enterprise transparency, allowing you to both connect and manage your global operations, while inspiring investor confidence. With real-time information to meet Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, P2's solutions easily assist in meeting the requirements of the rigorous regulatory environment.

    P2 Energy Solutions' Production Management systems provide managers the information they need, when they need it and in a form they can use. From revenue reporting through field operations, our solutions help you with improved decision making, enhanced business process automation, and increased growth capacity. P2 delivers production data analysis and reporting tools through a common reporting environment, enabling you to smoothly and consistently grow and operate around the world

  • Some of our clients are:

    • Safer Exploration & Production Operations Co, Sana’a, Yemen
    • Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production LLC, Oman
  • Our strategic relationship with P2ES supports:

    • Offering end-to-end Business solution for Oil & Gas customers.
    • Enhanced our product & Service offering to our customers.
    • Co- marketing activities in Middle East & Africa for focused industries offering.
    • Support our clients in long term for complete solution implemented for our clients.
  • For more information please visit www.p2energysolutions.com

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