Fun @GTS


GTS has consciously and as an organizational philosophy taken the “work-life balance” credo very seriously and encourages employees to get away from routine monotony and work drudgery at regular intervals. While assigned roles, job responsibilities and defined tasks are compelling enough at GTS, trust GTS employees to bring that element of fun to the workplace. Indeed no one can complain of all work and no play either!

Celebrations do not need an excuse at GTS, be it individual success or collective festivities. Celebrations are a great way to bond and bring goodwill in the workplace. At other times, employees are sweet-talked to give full expression to their creative and extra-curricular activities.

GTS organizes regular full day get together event outside office to make all employees feel refresh and motivate them. Some of the event snap shots are as follows:

GTS participate in wellness event every year in the following activities:


  • Optimize production

  • Make better decisions

  • Closely integrated with Oracle applications

  • Follow Oracle costing method

  • Used Oracle R12 SLA architecture

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