Oracle Manufacturing, Retail & Distribution

    Manufacturing Practice – An Overview

    To optimize Production capacity and automate their manufacturing process from Raw Material through final Product- regardless of manufacturing methodology Oracle
    E Business Suite Manufacturing family of applications has enabled customer to opt for different solutions.

    In deploying these solutions to any enterprise Global Technology Services takes a holistic approach to the Supply Chain and Manufacturing activities. We begin with the end state in mind and lead with best manufacturing practices. We design a roadmap in the form of solution design that can begin with basic manufacturing concepts and end with lights out automation (and anywhere in between).

    Oracle Manufacturing is part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, integrating with other E-Business Suite applications, including Oracle CRM and Oracle Product Lifecycle Management. Implement one or several application families or implement the complete Oracle E-Business Suite for the fastest way to high-quality enterprise information.

    The primary goal of a manufacturing process is to take inputs (5Ms—Manpower, Material, Machines, Measurement, and Methods) and produce products and byproducts as the output.

    To achieve this, a business must choose its manufacturing processes from the following:

    • Discrete Manufacturing
    • Process Manufacturing
    • Project Manufacturing

    Oracle Discrete Manufacturing

    Oracle Discrete Manufacturing is part of Oracle Manufacturing, and integrates seamlessly with other Oracle Manufacturing applications, including Oracle Shop Floor Management and Oracle Production Scheduling. Discrete manufacturing is for assemblies that make in discrete batches. It can also use to track activities such as rework, field service repair, upgrade, disassembly, maintenance, prototype development, etc. Typically, it use a process layout where you move your products in batches between operations to the various shops /departments to carry out the work.

    It helps to manage the entire product lifecycle for discrete manufacturing processes, from initial design and engineering through work-in-process to cost and quality management. Minimize costs and cycle times while supporting efficient mass customization as well as build-to-order and project-based manufacturing methodologies.
    Key Feature’s in Discrete Manufacturing – Customer’s Perspective
    • Support Flexible Engineering
    • Gain Comprehensive Bill of Materials Capabilities
    • Manage Work in Progress
    • Ensure Quality
    • Minimize Costs
    Oracle Process Manufacturing
    Increasing productivity while minimizing labor and operational costs is key to successful product profitability. Oracle Process manufacturing solution responds to the need for an efficient production environment by providing a seamless coordination of human and material resource within the process manufacturing environment. Process Manufacturing helps businesses respond quickly to changing customer requirements while maintaining or enhancing product margins.

    The dynamics between on-time delivery and the cost of inventory requires careful planning to maintain high customer satisfaction. Oracle Process Manufacturing Applications assist in the management of on-hand inventory quantities to reduce physical inventory and cycle Counting.
    Key Feature’s in Process Manufacturing – Customer’s Perspective
    • A system that responds rapidly to availability / changes in materials
    • A feature that allows scaling of formulas and recipes based on inventory levels
    • Accurate and timely forecasts of customer demands
    • A feature that enables forward and backward traceability
    • Visibility to real-time, enterprise-wide data throughout the supply chain
    • A system that supports creative & promotional pricing tailored to customers / products
    • An efficient way to streamline operations – minimizing costs and maximizing yields
    Oracle Project Manufacturing
    Oracle Project Manufacturing manages the construction of large, often unique, items or structures that require custom design. A comprehensive system that, especially if combined with Oracle Projects and Oracle Project Contracts, provides a robust solution for project or contract-based manufacturers in the Aerospace and Defense, Engineer-To-Order and Seiban industries. Oracle Project Manufacturing helps you control a broad range of product designs and quickly respond to changes that may impact contract planning, costing, and execution. Oracle Project Manufacturing is part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, an integrated set of applications that are engineered to work together.

    Oracle Project Manufacturing, Oracle Project Contracts and Oracle Projects provide a complete, seamlessly integrated business solution for contract management, configuration management, financial project management, project supply chain management, and business intelligence.
    Key Feature’s in Project Manufacturing – Customer’s Perspective
    • Mixed-mode manufacturing support.
    • Project driven sourcing and procurement.
    • Planning and scheduling optimized for Project based environments.
    • Materials management, control and transfer capabilities by Project.
    • Capabilities unique to contract based manufacturing environments such as Project Contracts, Project and Program Management and Project based cost tracking
    • Sophisticated rule-based cost allocation.
    • Comprehensive Cost tracking and analysis.
    • Project portal providing a central view to all project related information.
    • Integration with Oracle Quality, Warehouse Management and Mobile Supply Chain Application.
    • Industry specific functionality such as model/unit affectivity, borrow/payback, group netting etc.
    Our Differentiator
    Each member of the GTS Manufacturing Practice brings extensive depth and knowledge to every engagement. Focusing on different Oracle Manufacturing solution, GTS Manufacturing Practice has successfully implemented several large-scale, multi-nationals, multi-currency projects over the past several years.

    • GTS team members have experience spanning industries such as Oil & Gas, Steel, construction, Retail, Automotive and carrying end to end manufacturing solution.
    • Provide high-quality and cost effective resources.
    • Build in Quality for Product and Service Delivery to continuously improve the process to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.
    • Focus on Providing Best quality to deliver cutting-edge solutions to manufacturing industries
    • Knowledge of different industry practices and extensive manufacturing implementation experience with several leading process companies.
    • Experienced team of consultants with excellent consulting and project management experience.
    Although we have a long history where we have deployed Oracle’s Applications in an environment new to Oracle, we pride ourselves on our experience helping existing Oracle customers optimize and implement newer Oracle Applications. For organizations currently running Oracle Manufacturing or considering running Oracle Manufacturing, the opportunity is huge to optimize its operations with the Oracle E-Business Suite and Global Technology Solution’s Manufacturing Practice.

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