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  • Property Accelerators Overview

    Oracle Property Manager addresses processes related to Lease Management after the lease contract is signed. In order to help the users handle all the processes from the time of enquiry to signing the lease, GTS developed "GTS Pre Leasing" extension.

    Similarly, GTS developed "GTS Property Apps" to help the users handle the complete Sales Process (right from booking to hand over of the Unit) including cancellation and secondary market Transfer processes.

    GTS extensions have been built over the Oracle Property Manager and Oracle CRM module with seamless integration to the Oracle Financials. Since these extensions have been developed with an open source code, Oracle Support and further upgrades from Oracle are not compromised in any way.

    With Oracle's new initiative to offer superior user experience by way of Oracle Sales Cloud, GTS decided to replace Oracle CRM with Oracle Sales Cloud by re developing this integration.

  • Business Benefits:

      With this integration, we are offering the following additional benefits to the users:

    • Superior user experience offered by Fusion User Interface
    • With "Outlook" integration desktop users can carry out all their CRM related activities in Fusion without moving away from their Outlook screen
    • Out of Box Integration to iPhone, Tablet etc. which will enable the Leasing/Sales executive have up to date information on the move.
    • Check availability and initiate reservation on the move
    • Out of box transactional analysis available from Fusion in the area of Lead and opportunity management
  • Oracle SaaS Initiative

      Oracle Cloud offers a broad portfolio of SaaS applications, PaaS, and social capabilities, all on a subscription basis. Oracle Cloud delivers instant value and productivity for end users, administrators and developers alike through functionally rich, integrated, secure, enterprise cloud services. Fusion CRM is completely open, standards-based enterprise applications that can be easily integrated into service oriented architecture and is designed to be a part of complete enterprise application architecture.
  • Technical Architecture

  • Oracle Sales Cloud Integration

      With this integration, the Leasing/Sales Executive will not only be able to carry out Prospect Management, Lead/Opportunity Management in Oracle Sales Cloud, he/she will also be able to search for units with different features, get to know the availability status and initiate a "Reservation" for the selected unit from the Fusion Sales. This will create a "Reservation" in the GTS Pre Lease (for Leasing) extension or GTS Property Apps (for Sales) extension in "On premise ERP", as the case may be. Once this Reservation is created in the "On Premise ERP", the back office team will take care of processing of the Reservation Further. The progression of the Reservation to different statuses will be tracked in the "On Premise ERP" and the same can be viewed from Fusion CRM.

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